Free Speach Isn't Free

Speech has a price no matter where you live or who you are.

Some think what they have to say is of no concern. 

Yet others feel what they have to say is the most important. 

How it’s said is much more critical.

The way we speak our truth is an exhibit of compassion to others near and far.

Our world is made up of vibrations that we move. When we move in truth, love, kindness, gentleness, and selflessness, we shine and warm all around us.

You don’t have to believe in any religion to grasp these simple truths.

With the world’s appetite for violence, people masking their intention in politics, predators found out in our religious communities, it’s no wonder people are angry, confused, and losing hope.

No matter how much or how loud hate speech someone uses, that will NEVER make it truthful.

Now is the time to fill the world with peaceful speech.

We will rise up, reach out with helping hands and gentle words to help each other.   This is not childish to want peaceful unions with all our neighbors’.

We have an obligation to our children.

Be peacefully living our truth.  

We can make it happen.  This is not to say the reality is all flowers and jelly beans. Truth is hard, but it never has to be cruelly spoken.

We are conscious beings of light.

We can make a choice to set aside our animal nature of living in fear and violence. We can live from our higher consciousness.

Peace of mind is just an OM away.

Support the Makers of Peace and Lovers of all kinds. Love is the most considerable force in the universes.

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