Letting The Subconscious Do The Work

Have you ever experienced times when thinking too much gets you running in mind circles? Stressing out over getting it done fast, faster, fastest? Stepping back to relax and have a nice breath meditation lets your subconscious do the work. I often hear from people that they feel it will do nothing. "I sat and did the meditation and nothing happened", they say. Our minds are overflowing these days, it takes time. The thing is, if you are doing nothing, your subconscious is working on clearing the space to formulate what needs doing next. Having an idea is wonderful, but at times, this idea needs formulating. When you are being passive, having some quiet time, going for a walk, taking a nap or doing an active meditation you are letting the subconscious get to work. If one grinds on an idea holding it too tightly, it will slip away or become stagnant. All ideas are babies. They need to grow and form, just like a baby in the womb. Too often, life is pushing at us to complete a project too fast. If you rush a wine, it's sour and flat. Let us respect the time it takes to make ideas, art, food, wine, and all endeavors great. 

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