Natural Born Yogi

The moment you are born into this life, you are on a path. It's the path of yoking your soul to your body-mind union. This is a Yogi.

Religion has given us many ways of looking at this. No matter how you say it, the message is the same. Be healthy in mind and body, then the soul can shine through as your guide.

Knowing your ego's desires from your souls calling is knowing the God in you.

This is why we practice mindfulness.

 Thanks to all the amazing souls who have so tirelessly faced the truth and lived out-loud in their lifetimes for us. 

They have struck a cord, caused a ripple of awakening.

Each has a unique way of being and saying and explaining the path to others.

Times have changed, but the truth has a ring.

Commitment to being a truth-seeker (YOGI) is a worthwhile struggle. 

Listen Deeply

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