Sexy Toys in Relationships

A new company I want to give a shout out to: Dame
They're a woman-owned company in the sexy toy industry. Bravo ladies thank you for challenging fun equality in the bedroom. Everyone is unique, so adding a toy for a little heightened sensation experience can bring discoveries and understanding of each others pleasure. Often people have a bit of a disconnect thinking these things are not "natural" and have a fear of trying a sexy toy. Check out their article and suggestions on giving it a go.
Opening women to their pleasure is not just about having an orgasm it's about your health.
It counts as exercise, "girl, put your hips into it." Reduces stress, increases self-awareness, improves bladder strength/control, and so much more.
If you're still working on learning to have an orgasm relax and try a toy with your partner, it will bring you closer.
I suggest a solo run as well. It takes time to learn your body. If you don't feel comfortable with how to use it and want to be able to guide your partner take some time exploring for yourself. Then sharing what you have discovered will take a bit of the stress off.
Now if you two feel comfortable with trial and error together,
this can be a fantastic way to bring partners closer, it's not without its bumps, but sharing these bumps are what bring you together.
Lasting relationships can talk abut sex freely.

Tips for buying your first sex toy
Often after a woman uses a sex toy learning how to achieve pleasure sensation and orgasm this toy is not needed, she can reach the big "O" in many ways.

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