Until We Can Meet Without Pain

How do we bridge this pain of racial/sexual intolerance?


We need to transform the pain, not bury it.

I may not know what my white privilege has brought me, but, I do know what oppression is. I have suffered because I have lady bits. Men of all colors meet on this playing field to oppress women. They are equal there. 

We, the oppressed, are equal here. We are growing stronger. We the others who have walked passed that field are now living in a sort of blissful worry for the world. How do we get them to join us in this love of life this joy in the heart?


You can not yell, push, or plead. We need to love our enemy where there are. It is the only answer. See them as children guide them along.

The oppressors they fear her. They fear "the other." The other who will take something from them, who will make them feel weak.

We are all suffering and dumping it on the next person or persons.

It's time to break free!

We smile at everyone hoping they will know I have "love" my heart and try to never judge by outward appearances. What words can convey, I am the change?  

No Words. Only Actions.

"What can I do"everyone is thinking this. 

Stop to think. Think before acting. Acting as one would like to be treated. 

Treating others with grace brings one to light and lightness to one's owns path.

If one lives in the notion "all is a gift from God" and "there is enough for all." We can start to work on the underlining problem.


The problem is called "the-other-is-them" This way of seeing the world is why we fear.

There is no other.

Theirs's not one person in the world that wants to see their family suffer. We must change our point of view.

By being the change and see all living creatures as "the-other-with-me." We have begun to make the change.


 "How can I serve?" instead of" what can I get?" 

We are all connected to everything on this planet, so when we serve the-other-with-me, we serve us all.

Let us care for our garden, be it a city apartment or country cabin step out and do your part.

Sweep the stoop pick up trash smile and be kind to your neighbors we are a family on this little world.

Show you care for your mother earth by picking up the trash and loving thy neighbor. Everyone can do this.

All my Rainbow Color people let us pledge to band together and stop the oppression through loving action.

#Be the change you want to see. 

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